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Police spies in our midst
Nick Cohen in the Guardian: ...I am the first to put down people who say democracies are police states as pampered hysterics, so lost in self-important dreams of victimhood they do not understand the sufferings of the subjects of dictatorships. But I and, I hope, anyone else who uses this argument must accept that the reason why we are not a police state is because citizens have fought for centuries to limit police powers. They may have been hysterical on occasion. Their critics may have been able to say that they were fools who did not understand that life here wasn’t so bad when compared to the tsarist empire, Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union. The fact remains that what freedom we have depends on our willingness to fight for it.

If you want to know why the right to protest needs defending, read Undercover, by my Guardian colleagues Rob Evans and Paul Lewis, one of the most important pieces of investigative journalism in years. Evans and Lewis showed how from 1968 the Metropolitan police’s special demonstrations squad sent “deep swimmers” into radical organisations. They adopted new identities and convinced activists that they were friends, comrades, lovers and worthy fathers of their children...

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