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George Galloway responds - 5th Feb 2015 [from ~39:20 in BBC QT recording]


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Straw and Rifkind name their price
Lizzie Dearden in the Independent:Both MPs were filmed appearing to offer to use their positions to benefit a fictitious a Hong Kong-based communications agency called PMR for thousands of pounds in an undercover report by the Daily Telegraph and Channel 4’s Dispatches.

“Yes, I’m interested in earning money but what I’m more interested in is doing things that will engage my brain” [Straw said].

Sir Malcolm also appeared on Today, dismissing the allegations as “unfounded” and vowing to fight them “with all my strength”. The senior Conservative, who chairs the parliamentary committee which oversees Britain's intelligence agencies, allegedly claimed that he could arrange “useful access” to every British ambassador in the world because of his status. He repeated his refusal to stand down on Today, adding: “None of the matters are remotely to do with intelligence or security.”

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