No Breasts Please! We are Muslim

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At one time, the Western stereotype of the Oriental Muslim was the debauched, sensuous crazy person – now it seems there has been a 180 degree turn…


“Want to immigrate to Denmark? Then you need to be able to handle to look at a pair of naked women’s breasts, at least if Peter Skaarup, foreign policy spokesman of the far-right Danish People’s party has his way.

According to Skaarup, a documentary film about Denmark that will be shown as part of an upcoming immigration test for foreigners needs to have a pair of breasts in it, to intimidate any extremists from attempting to enter the tiny Scandinavian country.

Because a topless woman on a beach would be a good example of the Danish open-mindedness, Skaarup points out.

This, he said, is mainly relevant for immigrants coming from fundamentalist societies where women are oppressed and are not allowed to display their sexuality or even their hair. On the other hand Danish women are allowed to wear -or not wear – what they please, underlining that he is not trying to provoke anyone with his statements.

“If you’re coming from a strict, religious society that might make you stop and think, oh no, I don’t want to be a part of that”, Skaarup told Danish daily, Jyllandsposten.

“Topless bathing probably isn’t a common sight on Pakistani beaches, but in Denmark it is still considered quite normal. I honestly believe that by including a couple of bare breasts in the movie, extremists may have to think twice before deciding to come to Denmark” he said.


An official film of life in the Netherlands depicted a woman running out of the sea with only the bottom half of a bikini, and also two gay men kissing in the park. It was/is (?) is shown to prospective immigrants who then could face questions from immigration officials.