Open letter to Sadiq Khan MP

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Honourable Sadiq Khan MP


Salaams and Ramadaan kareem

Although I have not as yet read the complete pamphlet you penned for the Fabian Society, I nevertheless was able to grasp your sentiments in the extracts that the mainstream media so eagerly quoted.

Leaving aside your other remarks regarding engagement and poverty eradication, you chide the Muslim community in Britain to “leave behind our victim mentality”. I am sure that those words (‘leave behind our’) were carefully considered, coming from the pen of someone who is fully aware of the escalating climate of Islamophobia. In using the word “mentality” you ascribe a trend, a culture or even a psychosis afflicting this minority community.

I am sure that was written in a moment of haste, an ill thought of turn of phrase.

Recent weeks have seen the Met Police’s institutionalised cultural racism come to the fore with the suspension of the senior-most Muslim Police officer. And we have had complaints about Channel 4’s Head of Religious Broadcasting being a Muslim. Presumably, you would consider pointing out this increasing Islamophobic climate as “victim mentality”!

I am sure it would not be remiss to point out the plight of Rizwaan Sabir, the Nottingham University student, who was a ‘victim’ of your government’s anti-terror hysteria. Please take a moment from your hectic constituency activity and read his harrowing tale (This is no way to fight terror, Guardian,

Makes you think that had the Bill extending the 42-day detention plan – which you voted for – passed, Mr Sabir would have been just another whinging (my words) and abused (for that is what he was) individual so easily falling prey to a “victim mentality”.

Honourable MP, the only victims in this sorry state are those who religiously and shamelessly cheer the party line.


Maneh Ebrahim