Casa Blanca, 1907

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From the Church Times, 9 August 1907:

“The bombardment by the French of Casa Blanca, anticipated though it has been……may be as the letting out of the waters – the beginning of a strife which may set in battle array the opposed forces of Christendom and Islamism. Publicists of repute have frequently of late years pointed to the growth of a Pan-Islamic movement, the spirit of which, as the ‘Morning Post‘ of yesterday remarked, is to be found in those agitations which have been noticeable in the Near East, in Egypt, and along the shores of Northern Africa.

It requires no great stretch of the imagination to picture the effects of a strife so begotten, and we hope that when the time comes for the Christian nations to stand together, there will be no defections arising from the jealousies of those people who still live under the Cross. The revival of Islamism is a too serious fact to allow such an extreme folly. But are we free of the risk?”

First use of the term ‘Islamism’?

plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose!