In these sceptered isles . . .

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Every now and then, a scrutiny of the Catholic press provides indications of a super-sensitivity – but perhaps it is glib to dismiss these as a  post-Reformation sense of victimhood! For example, it is incredible that the first Catholic to hold the chair of divinity at the University of Cambridge since the bloody and dramatic events of the 16th Century, when the Church of England became a national church rather than remain part of a supranational brotherhood and sisterhood, was only in 2017! It fell on a recent issue of The Tablet to make Professor Nicholas Lash’s appointment a newsworthy item. Writing to the journal on 6 May 2017, Professor Francis Davis raises another issue – the blackballing by the Labour Party of the Knights of St Columba suggests “that there is some kind of lingering anti-Popery in Labour’s top team”. Pity the Muslims – if there is anti-Popery in these sceptered isles after four centuries – how long will Islamophobia last?