A timely encounter!

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Thanks to The Tablet for this story:

“Pope Francis was being driven through St Peter’s Square when he spotted a group enthusiastically waving the Argentinian flag. Ordering the popemobile to stop, he chatted to his fellow countrymen and took some sips from the traditional cup of mate tea that they offered him. Afterwards, his security officials told him this was not a very good idea. The Pope laughed saying: ‘What harm could come from them? They are a group of pilgrims from Argentina, not cardinals from Rome.”

In this vein, perhaps the Pope, facing tough times battling entrenched interests in the Catholic hierarchy, may have enjoyed the moments spent  (5 April 2017) with a delegation of religious leaders from Britain:  Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra, Maulana Shahid Raza , Maulana Ali Raza Rizvi, and Maulana Sayed Ali Abbas Razawi.  The event was a characteristic gesture of cordiality from the Pope, who has established a reputation for breaking down barriers, whether it be seeking dialogue with other faiths, or speaking out against inequalities. Such an alliance cannot be more timely for both parties, given the convergence of the Alt-Right with sections of evangelical Christians.