Knocking at another door!

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So there are Britons so disturbed by the socio-economic consequences of  the Brexit vote that they are contemplating emigration! According to Sam Jones of the Guardian (31 December 2016), ‘The UK’s decision to leave the European Union has fueled an 80-fold increase in the number of British Sephardic Jews seeking Portuguese citizenship under a recent law intended to make amends for their ancestors’ expulsion from the Iberian peninsula more than 500 years ago. Last year both Spain and Portugal brought in legislation to facilitate the return of the descendants of the thousands of Jews who were forced from the countries at the end of the 15th century.’ According to Kate Connolly, again in the Guardian some months earlier (30 October 2016)  ‘Descendants of the tens of thousands of German Jews who fled the Nazis and found refuge in Britain are making use of their legal right to become German citizens following the Brexit vote. German authorities have reported a twentyfold increase in the number of restored citizenship applications – a right reserved for anybody who was persecuted on political, racial or religious grounds during the Nazi dictatorship, as well as, in many cases, their descendants. About 400 applications from the UK are being processed by the authorities and 100 further inquiries that will “very probably” lead to applications are in the pipeline, it is understood. The usual annual figure is about 25.’

Any similar moves by British Muslims to abandon ship and seek EU benefits? Given that a 2015 BBC poll found that “95% of Muslims feel a loyalty to Britain”, this may not be surprising – who knows what hijra the 5% are contemplating! However Salaam Blogger has yet to hear of even one Muslim voicing such intentions – but then they don’t have such privileged access to an EU country.