The Honey Traps

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Martin Evans and Ben Farmer in the Daily TelegraphChoudary was eventually prosecuted after swearing an oath of allegiance to Isil and posting YouTube videos in which he praised the murderous group. But there have been questions about why it took the authorities so long to prosecute Choudary, with some suggesting the law was not adequate. However one counter-terrorism source, who investigated Choudary on numerous occasions, insisted the decision not to prosecute him had come from the security service, MI5 . . . “Choudary was certainly clever and knew where the line was and that was part of the reason it took so long to get him, but it was certainly possible that MI5 wanted to continue to monitor him because he was the focal point of so much”. . . . Raffaello Pantucci, a terrorism expert at the Royal United Services Institute, said: “Intelligence officers have to generate leads somewhere, so if you have got a kind of honeypot that is Anjem Choudary and every nutter in the UK is gravitating towards him and from there you just trail them and follow them, you can see how it’s doing your job for you in some ways’. click here

 Salaam note

Muslim civil society has been raising concerns on the role of agents provocateurs for over a decade, beginning with the notorious Abu Hamza’s activities at the Finsbury Park  Mosque. For example, the Muslim Council of Britain included this annexe in a submission to Government, critiquing a proposal to introduce control orders in mosques post 7/7:

The Finsbury Park Mosque on St. Thomas’s Road, Finsbury Park was among London’s first purpose built mosques when it was opened in 1993. It was managed by a registered charity but due to disagreements amongst the trustees, the institution became poorly managed. In the resulting vacuum, one Abu Hamza – through intimidation and strong-arm tactics was able to take over the building in 1996, creating no-go zones for the trustees and physically ejecting them form the building. Abu Hamza collected around him supporters, including those dabbling in petty crimes and forgeries. The trustees pressed the Charity Commissioners to intervene but action became protracted over the years. According to one trustee, Mufti Barkatulla, “we tried to get him arrested but he is never apprehended. I asked Scotland Yard what they were doing. There was suspicion the police had another agenda” . Images of Abu Hamza were widely used by the media to shape public opinion and tar Muslims as a whole. The mosque was subject to a dramatic 2 am raid in January 2003. The Police did not take action when Abu Hamza and supporters commenced conducting prayers on the street outside. The mosque reverted to legitimate management in April 2004. Why was the Finsbury Park Mosque allowed to fester from 1996 to 2004?  click here