Ticking off time

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Both the Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez and the Pope have had to say: enough is enough….

Tony Blair, during PM’s Question Time in Parliament:

“…It is rather important that the Government of Venezuela realize that if they want to be respected members of the international community, they should abide by the rules of the international community. I say with the greatest respect to the President of Venezuela that when he forms an alliance with Cuba, I would prefer to see Cuba a proper functioning democracy….the most important thing is that countries in south America and north America realize that they have much in common, much to gain from each other and much to gain from each other particularly through the principles of democracy.” (8/2/06)

President Chavez’s response:

“You, Mr Blair, do not have the morality to call anyone to respect the rules of the international community. You are precisely the one of those who has disrespected international law the most….siding with Mr Danger [George Bush] to trample the people of Iraq.”


The Israeli Foreign Ministry in August last year,distributed a note to all Israeli newspapers: The Ambassador of the Vatican has been summoned today, July 25, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and anger was expressed before him vis-a-vis the words of Pope Benedict XVI in his Sunday sermon on July 24, in which he condemned the recent terror attacks that occurred in various countries, among which Egypt, Turkey, Iraq and England, and in an explicit manner abstained from condemning the shocking terror attack that happened in Israel last week..The Pope’s deliberate avoidance of condemning this latest deed cries out to heaven; beyond the moral stain that it involves, it can only be interpreted as legitimizing terror attacks against Jews…. We had expected the new Pope, who had given expression since the beginning of his pontificate to the importance that he attributed to the relations of the Church and the Jewish people, to have behaved differently…”


The Vatican’ s response was instant and devastating:The Holy See would not “take lessons or instructions from any authority on the tone and contents of its statements”