Channel Programme metrics

Mark Tran in the Guardian, ‘More than 300 people referred to a deradicalisation scheme between June and August were under 18, figures show. Of the 796 individuals reported to the government’s Channel programme for possible intervention, 312 were under 18, statistics obtained by the Press Association show. The programme came under the spotlight last week when it emerged that a 14-year-old boy, described as Britain’s youngest terrorist, was referred to the voluntary initiative. The teenager was given a life sentence for plotting a thwarted terror attack in Australia. The referral figures, provided by the National Police Chiefs’ Council following a freedom of information request have been published after new measures were introduced placing a legal requirement on schools and other public bodies to prevent people being drawn into terrorism – defined as not just violent extremism, but also non-violent extremism that can “create an atmosphere conducive to terrorism and popularise views which terrorists exploit”. When the law came into force in July, there were 349 referrals – a rate of more than 10 every day. This was a slight increase on the previous month, when there were 327, while the number fell to 120 in August when schools broke up for the summer. click here.