Jamarat tragedy: Analysis of Factors

The Guardian reports, ‘The Saudi health minister, Khalid al-Falih, earlier pointed a finger of blame at the dead, saying the pilgrims had been undisciplined and not followed movement instructions, but the witnesses disagreed…

“There was crowding. The police had closed all entrances and exits to the pilgrims’ camp, leaving only one,” said Ahmed Abu Bakr, a 45-year-old Libyan who escaped the stampede with his mother. “I saw dead bodies in front of me and injuries and suffocation. We removed the victims with the police.” He added that police at the scene appeared inexperienced. “They don’t even know the roads and the places around here,” he said as others nodded in agreement… click here.

Additional report from the Guardian, ‘Sheer numbers, an ongoing construction boom in the holiest city ofIslam, poor communication and inadequate emergency planning were all contributing factors. Saudi critics also pointed to a lack of civic awareness and official accountability.’ click here.