Gary Younge:

Writing in the Guardian, ‘Intelligence agencies claim that Khan and Junaid Hussain, a Briton killed in a separate airstrike last month, were planning to attack two major events this year: VE commemorations at Westminster Abbey in May and an Armed Forces Day ceremony in June. Such attacks would have been heinous.

But that doesn’t justify state-sanctioned killing, for three reasons. First, and most important, we are a country ostensibly governed by the rule of law. People are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty by a court […] If they had a case they should have made it not to the military but to the courts. This is not an example of justice being done, but of justice being avoided. Even if it were found to be legal, morally it would still be wrong […] Second, even if they are guilty Britain does not practise capital punishment […] Finally, these short cuts do not bolster the fight against terrorism but undermine it, because they violate the very principles of a liberal democratic state that Cameron claims he’s trying to protect. Britain can now add extrajudicial killings to torture, rendition and occupation as tools in defence of “Enlightenment values”.’ click here.