Cameron & The Syria Refugees Crisis

‘Find your humanity’

Jamie Merrill and Matt Dathan in the Independent, ‘David Cameron has been told he must “find his humanity” rather than “shirking and making excuses” in his refusal to open Britain’s doors to more than just a few hundred Syrian refugees. Speaking exclusively to The Independent, charities rounded on the Prime Minister’s stubborn response to the growing refugee crisis that has overflown to Europe over the summer after pictures emerged of a young boy, thought to be Syrian, lying face down in the sand after dying in an apparent attempt to flee his country…

‘These pictures are beyond horrific. They are the wake-up call David Cameron needs,’ Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron tells The Independent.

Speaking to The Independent, Mark Goldring, Oxfam’s UK chief executive, said: “Resettling refugees from Syria will not solve the crisis, but it could transform the lives of thousands. “Offering to resettle 10,000 refugees, rather than the paltry 216 so far, is well within the reach of the UK – a nation with one of the world’s biggest economies and a history of welcoming people fleeing persecution. This country should be leading by example, not shirking and making excuses.” click here.


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