Not in Paris?

MiddleEast Monitor reports, ‘A decision to dedicate a beach festival event in Paris to Israel’s Tel Aviv city has sparked outrage among leftist politicians and pro-Palestinian groups, who have termed the gesture as “indecent”. Every summer, the French capital turns the banks of the Seine River into a beach and organizes a week-long Paris Plages festival. The festival plans to celebrate “the Tel Aviv culture” for a day this coming Thursday.  Paris City Councillor Danielle Simonnet, who belongs to the Left Party (Parti de Gauche), slammed the Paris municipality’s plan to honour the Israeli city: “Just one year after the massacre in the Gaza Strip by the Israeli army, and even as the Israeli government intensifies its policy of settlement construction… Paris City Hall dares to organize ‘within the framework of its cultural partnerships with the world’s largest cities’ a day honouring Tel Aviv.’