Defending the Defence Budget

Mary Dejevsky in the Guardian: …retired members of the top brass have been warning for some time of the threat posed by Isis to civilisation as we know it. There was a flurry before the election, and recently the calls have multiplied. The latest eminences arguing for action are Lord Dannatt, former head of the army, and Lord Richards, former chief of the defence staff. Lord Richards was out and about last week, using every platform at his disposal to sound the alarm, and calling for a national mobilisation akin to that for the second world war. It may not be known how far these retired service chiefs are speaking on their own account and how far as proxies for their successors – who are expected to observe the convention of quietly following their political masters – but alarms are certainly being sounded….What if the service chiefs are, consciously or not, making their pitch before the government’s imminent security and defence review? … The public response risks being a cross between defeatism, on the grounds that nothing can be done, and scepticism, because the alarm seems out of proportion to any threat that is observed. click here.