MCB: A sermon for peace

The Muslim Council of Britain has proposed the following Juma khutba for mosques:

The past few years and especially this week has been a difficult time for all of us, and we have seen innocent people die at the hands of people who do not respect the sanctity of life as laid down in Islam. Chapter 5, Surat Al-Mai’idah, ayah 32 tells us, “Because of that we ordained for the Banu Isra’il that if anyone killed a person not in retaliation of murder or to spread mischief in the land – it would be as if they’ve killed all people, and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if they’ve saved all people. And indeed Our Messengers came to them with clear proofs, evidences and signs, even after that many of them continued to exceed limits in the land.

Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hatred has increased sharply over the last few days as it does after every terrorist attack carried out wrongly in the name of Islam. As Muslims we know that the acts of these people are not Islamic. The Messenger Muhammad (pbuh) has taught that a Muslim is one from the harm of whose tongue and hands others are safe. Sunan Al-Nasa’i reports from Abu Hurayrah (ra) that the Messenger (pbuh) said, “A Muslim is the one from whose tongue and hand people are safe, and the believer is one from whom people’s lives and wealth are safe.” (Kitab al-Iman).

And many will rightly feel that we as Muslims should not be compelled to apologise for something that we are not responsible for. We agree, but letting people know where we stand is not an apology, it is something that is required in our faith, to be just. In the Qur’an chapter 4, Surat Al-Nisa’, ayah 135 God commands us, “O Believers, stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to Allah, even though it is against yourselves, or your parents and relatives, whether rich or poor, Allah is more worthy of both. So do not follow your personal inclination that you do not be just. And if you distort justice or refuse to do justice then indeed Allah knows all that you do.” click here for khutba in full