Tunisia Horror

Adam Withnall and Ian Johnston in the Independent: British survivors of the Tunisia beach massacre have praised the actions of locals who formed a human shield to protect tourists and “saved many lives”. Images obtained by Sky News showed gunman Seifeddine Rezgui shortly after he began shooting, walking through the surf at Sousse with a Kalashnikov rifle at his side…

A hotel chef came running towards them, telling them to run for their lives. “He was the one who told them that the line of people they could see ahead of them were staff from the hotel,” Mrs Yeoman said.

“He said to this couple that they were telling the gunman ‘you’ll have to get past us and we’re Muslims’. Obviously I don’t know the exact words but that was pretty much what they were saying.

“They’d actually made a human barricade – ‘you’re not going to get past us, you’ll have to kill us.’” Click here.