Rushanara Ali, the charismatic MP for Bethnal Green & Bow, is standing for the deputy leadership post of the Labour Party. She notes,

“I am standing to be the next Deputy Leader of the Labour Party because I want to help our party embrace change and rebuild from our local communities upwards. I have a proven track record of reaching out, forming coalitions and uniting  people from across communities – which is what helped me to defeat George Galloway’s Respect Party and win back Bethnal Green and Bow for Labour in 2010 and get re-elected in 2015. I believe that politics can produce change on a massive scale when it offers a clear vision for social justice and for fairness in opportunity. I want to put my skills and commitment to work on behalf of the British people and address their needs and hopes. I also intend to bring together the considerable talents of our party members and my colleagues so that Labour regains its ability to fight and win elections.”

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