The Game of Nations

Miles Copeland remembered: The Game of Nations

Gareth Smyth writes in the Guardian: ‘… The “flagship” of Israel’s search for Middle Eastern allies was Trident, an intelligence alliance with Turkey and Iran from the late 1950s. With Iran this lasted until the 1979 Revolution, and with Turkey until prime minister Recep Erdogan took a distance from Israel around 2009.  Facing the hostile ring, Israel has built links with Azerbaijan, Rumania, Greece and Cyprus, and has expanded trade with Russia, China and India. This reflects Israel’s strength compared to the 1950s when the periphery doctrine evolved, said [former Mossad agent Yossi] Alpher: “We have more options, we no longer have our backs to the wall.”  There is also the matter of Israel’s relationship with the Arab states of the Persian Gulf, including Saudi Arabia, which are as ‘secret’ as the Shah’s oil exports to Israel.’ click here.

Postscript: Miles Copeland was a CIA agent and author of the 1970s ‘The Game of Nations’, which described covert operations in the Middle East.