BDS Movement begins to bite

Chris McGreal reports in The Guardian, ‘The American gambling magnate and major Republican party donor Sheldon Adelson is hosting a closed-door meeting of pro-Israel billionaires and activists at his Las Vegas casino this weekend, to combat the burgeoning movement on US university campuses to boycott the Jewish state… After years of dismissing the BDS [Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions] movement as marginal and irrelevant, pro-Israel lobby groups have recently promoted laws against it in the US Congress and state legislatures. They include legislation to block the EU from imposing measures against illegal Jewish settlements in the Palestinian territories… he boycott movement has drawn inspiration from the sanctions campaign against apartheid South Africa and has support in several countries from trade unions, artists such as Roger Waters of Pink Floyd, and religious leaders such as former Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa. But Israeli officials are particularly concerned about its rise on US university campuses because they fear the erosion of support among future leaders of the one country Israel regards as a solid ally. …Pro-Israel groups say the BDS movement is a threat to the existence of the Jewish state because it not only calls for an end to the occupation but wants millions of Palestinian refugees and their descendants, now living in Arab countries, to return to their ancestral homes in Israel.’ click here, 5th June 2015