London School’s BRIT Project

Faith Matters’ criticisms: What is really problematic about this questionnaire is the fact that a majority of pupils in Buxton School are Muslims and the questionnaire was given out to 11 year old students – according to parents who sent us the questionnaire.

buxton school Q

The questionnaire is deeply troubling for the following points:

– It seems to be trying to ascertain Islamist thinking in 11 year olds in a covert manner in a school where the majority of the pupils are Muslims,

– We are concerned since were parents informed of the exact nature of the questionnaire and were they provided with a pre-release copy?

– How was the data to be used and could pupils be identified in any way? (Clearly, it seems, they can from the name slot at the top of the leaflet),

– The questions are frankly, appalling. One of the leading questions says – God has a purpose for me. Many people, Muslim and non-Muslim believe this and provides no real value in asking. The question is framed in a manner which actually means very little.

We believe that Buxton School needs to provide a detailed statement on why this questionnaire was implemented, who devised it, whether it was pre-checked by the local Prevent officer and whether parents were informed of it? These are real lives and the futures of young people that are being engaged at a time when parents of young Muslims are apprehensive of how the future lives of their children may be affected. Also, there are ways of countering views without such actions, it involves taking time to engage with and build trust with pupils. Questionnaires are not the way forward, especially when such questions are raised. click here.