What is a Freedom Struggle? Kashmir in Focus

Professor Khurshid Ahmad writes, “The freedom movement of Kashmir was started in 1931.In spite of the fact that 500000 people have sacrificed their lives,thousands have become homeless and suffered heavy losses of their property; this movement is still continued with zeal and zest. Especially the period that has started from 1989 is continued constantly. Seventy years have passed now. It is a national freedom movement and a large part of the population is taking part in it. It is a public and democratic movement. India is trying to crush it with the merciless use of power and violence. But the poor and helpless people have refused to surrender before Indian forces. Old, young, men, women and even the male and female students of schools and colleges are participating in this movement fearlessly. We should understand it completely that the use of terrorism for political purposes is a kind of militancy in which common citizens are harmed. On the contrary, the freedom movement is a political struggle for the right of self-determination of a wretched or miserable nation. Generally, the occupying forces try to suppress it by the state violence and power. During this struggle, people who are the victims, they have to resist and strike in response. This struggle for the right of self-determination and freedom is a political process. If we have to use force against the military forces of the occupying state, even then this struggle will remain a movement of resistance. It cannot be called terrorism and it is not called. This legal and natural right is admitted in the charter of the UN and the various resolutions of General Assembly. Especially the resolution no, 1514(15) of 1960, which is regarded as the “Declaration on Granting Independence to Colonial Countries and People. Not only a country but the people of a specific region are also given the right of struggle against colonial or occupying forces . . .

the political right of self-determination has been recognized now. It has a relation with the right of the people of a region that they should decide their future by themselves.

“According to the rules of the political right of self- determination, people have a right to decide without any pressure. This concept is found in the (American) declaration of independence in 1776 and in the human rights declaration of France. The UN has tried on different occasions to relate this concept with the abolition of the colonial period and in this way it could be regarded as legal right and a positive duty instead of a desire only.”(The Penguin Dictionary of International Relations). 

In the light of this debate, we can analyze that the freedom movement of Kashmir has no relation with terrorism. America has violated the international law openly by declaring Syed Salahuddin as a global terrorist. There is a logical consequence of this action that America has included Syed Salahuddin in a caravan of freedom fighters which has 1st American president Jefferson, Nelson Mandela, Jomo Kenyatta, Mugabe, Abdul Qadir Aljaziree, Sabhash Chandar Boss and Bhagat Singh as its members.” click here.