America Today!

Lizzie Dearden in the Independent, “Donald Trump has shared a series of Islamophobic tweets from far-right extremist group Britain First, sparking condemnation for spreading its “deplorable” ideology to a global audience . The first video, originally shared by deputy leader Jayda Fransen’s account, claimed to show “Muslim migrants beating up a Dutch boy on crutches. . . His early-morning Twitter frenzy came days after Ms Fransen was arrested over a speech made at a rally in Belfast – the latest in a series of incidents over alleged hate speech, religious harrassment and incitement by Britain First members . . The Muslim Council of Britain said the shares were the “clearest endorsement yet from the US President of the far-right and their vile anti-Muslim propaganda”.
“We cannot give such bigotry a free pass,” a spokesperson added. “We hope our Prime Minister and Home Secretary will distance the UK from Mr Trump and his comments, and will reiterate the government’s abhorrence to all forms of extremism.”
Meanwhile in the US, the Council on American-Islamic Relations said the President was ”clearly telling members of his base that they should hate Islam and Muslims”, following repeated attempts at a controversial immigration ban targeting Muslim-majority countries.” Click here.