BJP indulges in Cow-care, not Healthcare

Kanchan Srivastava in, “. . . Concern is mounting in Uttar Pradesh that the government of Yogi Adityanath [of the Bharatiya Janta Party, BJP] has got its priorities badly mixed up . . .

Media reports have noted the inadequate resources and overburdened staff at this hospital. People expected some action or a solution from the government. Yogi has instead announced a plan to open cowsheds in each of the state’s 75 districts to protect the cows. “If Indian culture has to be saved, then people will have to save Gai, Ganga aur Tulsi (cows, the river Ganges and Tulsi plants),” the chief minister said on November 6.

Uttar Pradesh has the country’s worst infant mortality rate, according to the fourth round of the National Family Health survey – 64 for every 1,000 live births, which is similar to poor African nations like Mauritania (65) and war-ravaged Afghanistan (66). The national average is 40.
Some 360,000 infants die in Uttar Pradesh (UP) every year before their first birthday. This translates to 980 infant deaths every day, which is unacceptable in the developed world. Over 70% are neonates (less than a month old) who have a far higher risk of mortality than any other period during childhood . . .Experts say lives could be saved if the state had better medical facilities and an aggressive approach. Educating couples, especially women, would help make government schemes more effective.

But the narrative in the state isn’t focused on the welfare of children. Instead, it is currently dominated by the Taj Mahal controversy to painting everything saffron and protecting cow. “Instead of working on systemic reforms, the chief minister is busy with rhetoric and propagating his party’s ideology”, his opponents say, noting that the state has a huge developmental backlog.” click here.