Not a Pretty Sight

Karen McVeigh in the Guardian, ‘The furore over Priti Patel’s secret trip to Israel, which has culminated with her resignation, has reignited questions over the future of the Department for International Development and sparked wider concerns within the aid community.. . . Kate Osamor, the shadow international development secretary, told the Guardian she believed Patel’s handling of her trip had “badly damaged the world class work that the Department for International Development does to help the world’s poorest, and they are eroding trust in Britain and beyond in the principles that drive the department”. . .  However, one leading figure in the aid community, who did not want to be named, said: “It looks like the use of aid was not even in British interests, but in as-yet-to-be disclosed interests. It casts a cloud over the policy of aid in the national interest . . .”.’ click here.