Jeremy Corbyn & the Balfour Centenary

Michael Segalov in the Independent, “. . . Next month will mark 100 years since this ill-fated declaration, and a celebratory dinner will be held in London to cement British and Israeli ties. In attendance at the dinner will be Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Theresa May and Labour’s Emily Thornberry too. Jeremy Corbyn has declined an invitation to the occasion, and accusations of antisemitism against the Labour leader if not explicit, are already at least being inferred. . . It’s really just a sensible and diplomatic decision from a man preparing to take to the global stage. If Britain is to have any role in facilitating a lasting peace in the region, its leadership can’t be seen to actively take sides in the conflict while undermining years of Palestinian oppression. . . Saying no to a dinner, which will no doubt see nostalgic celebrations of imperialism that ignore Britain’s role in fuelling an international conflict that has cost so many lives, will do no favours in any attempt to find a peaceful solution in Israel and Palestine. Corbyn is right to steer well clear of this party. An antisemitic decision? That couldn’t be further from the truth. ” click here.