Nazi-sympathisers in the Forces

Jacob Davey in the Guardian, ‘the arrests of five current servicemen who were allegedly members of the banned neo-Nazi group National Action is the latest event in a year in which extreme-right activism and violence have risen significantly around the world.

We’re not sure what the evidence is against these individuals – and, of course, they must be treated as innocent until proved guilty – but we do know that recently we have seen one extreme right- inspired terrorist attack in the UK, another in the US, neo-Nazis and white nationalists taking to the streets in a number of US cities, and a boat of alt-right activists take to the Mediterranean with the intention of disrupting the migrant flow to Europe.

It is important not to blame the military here; they were instrumental in these recent arrests. However, globally we have seen a number of instances of extreme-right violence and terror plots tied to the armed forces . . . ‘ click here.