Myanmar: plight of Muslim Rohingyas

Jacob Judah reports in the Guardian, ‘. . . The Rohingya are from Myanmar’s western Rakhine state. Numbering about 1.1 million, there are now estimated to be more than 400,000 Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. They face systematic discrimination in Myanmar and are often referred to as the world’s most persecuted minority. Myanmar denies them citizenship, alleging they are illegal immigrants from Bangladesh . . .Fortify Rights, an NGO that is documenting human rights abuses in Rakhine, reported that survivors from the village of Chut Pyin, in Sittwe district, spoke of the Myanmar army and local civilians beheading Rohingya. Survivors estimated that the death toll in the village, which once had a population of 1,400, was more than 200.. . .  Fortify Rights has said it believes that a “massive influx” of Rohingya is likely to attempt to cross into Bangladesh in the coming days.’ click here.