Palestine Exhibtion: Popular event

The Palestine Exhibition at Queen Elizabeth II Centre  in  Westminster was filled to the capacity on Saturday, 9th September, the first of a two-day event organised by Friends of Al Aqsa.  A keynote was an address by Professor Tariq Ramadan, and later in the day, a cultural evening featured Palestinian dance troupes, comedy acts and Arabic hip hop performances. There was a moving video display of the inhumane conditions faced by the population of Gaza.

For the YouTube video of Professor Tariq Ramadan’s talk, click here.

Efforts had been made by some hardline British supporters of the Israeli Government’s policies in the Occupied Territories to force the Queen Elizabeth II Centre not to serve as a venue. However, as noted by Ismail Patel of FoA, 

 “It is clear to anyone who looks at the Palestine Expo schedule of events that this is a diverse event, supported by many with speakers who are Israeli, Palestinian and British, and of Muslim, Jewish and Christian beliefs.”