Palestine Expo to proceed reports, ‘Despite the best efforts of Britain’s pro-Israel lobby, the organisers of the biggest-ever Palestine event in Europe have been told by the British government that it is “content to let the event proceed.” A spokesperson for the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) advised the chairman of Friends of Al-Aqsa of the decision this morning. Palestine Expo will be held at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in Westminster on 8 and 9 July. The organisers promise to provide a Palestinian social, cultural and entertainment event of a kind not seen before. Palestinians and their supporters from Jewish, Christian and Muslim faith backgrounds, as well as varied political perspectives, will be taking part. The venue, which is on parliament’s doorstep in Westminster, comes under the remit of an agency within the DCLG. Pro-Israel lobbyists have been trying to have Palestine Expo 2017 cancelled, making what Ismail Patel of the organising group called “false and baseless allegations” against Friends of Al-Aqsa. The Secretary of State at the DCLG, Sajid Javid MP, had made it known to the organisers that he was “minded” to cancel the event, but representations by Friends of Al-Aqsa appear to have persuaded him otherwise.’  click here.