Boycott Uplift

Karim el-Bar reports in, ‘The High Court in London has dismissed a pro-Israeli group’s legal challenge to local council resolutions to boycott goods produced in illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank. In a landmark decision announced on Tuesday, the court ruled that local councils in England and Wales could continue their boycotts, dismissing claims by the Jewish Human Rights Watch that they were discriminatory against Jews and in violation of the law. JHRW focused on Leicester city council’s boycott, which it began in November 2014 in opposition to “the continuing illegal occupation” of Palestinian territory. Similar boycotts by Swansea and Gwynedd city councils, in Wales, were also named in the case . . . Leicester council argued that its boycott was justified by both common law and Article 10 of the European Convention of Human Rights. It denied claims its boycotts were anti-Semitic and sought to highlight the plight of the Palestinian people. The judicial review by Lord Justice Simon and Mr Justice Flax ruled in favour of the council’s position.’ click here.