Mayhem in Kabul

Emma-Graham Harrison reports in the Guardian, ‘For years the Afghan capital was an island of relative security in a country battered by a rising tide of violence. The devastating bombing this Wednesday morning [80 killed, 350 injured] was confirmation that it has now become one of the most dangerous places in Afghanistan, and is another heavy blow to a weak and fractured government . . . Three years after David Cameron declared “mission accomplished” and Barack Obama said the American war in Afghanistan was over, carnage in the heart of Kabul makes it clear that for Afghans there has been no pause in the violence . . . Whatever the cause, the deaths are particularly disturbing for a country as impoverished and vulnerable as Afghanistan, which has endured 40 years of violence between factions that have often mutated but rarely laid down arms, and which now seems on the brink of all-out war once again . . .’ click here.