Iran election looms

Kim Sengupta in the Independent, ‘The rally for Hassan Rouhani at the Shobada Centre in Imam Khomeini Square was vibrant. There were banners and placards, songs and chants in a show of passionate belief that the President must be allowed to finish his mission to bring about an open, free and prosperous society.. . . The presidential election campaign in Iran is tense and the outcome increasingly tight. Mr Rouhani’s hardline opponent is making gains. The great fear of the liberals is that Ebrahim Raisi, once a judge in the “death commissions” which sent thousands of political prisoners to the gallows and firing squads, may win. And, with that, the country would slide back into harsh theocratic rule at home and isolation abroad.

The man who may help bring this about is Donald Trump, whose baleful shadow hangs over this vitally important election. The US President has threatened to tear up the nuclear deal under which Iran has begun to be free of crippling punitive sanctions, and started to re-establish relations with the international community . . .” click here