Comparing France and Britain

Iman Imrani in the Guardian, ‘. . .Of course, the question of security is an important one, but it’s not the solution to a problem that runs much deeper. In the UK, for example, we have suffered far fewer attacks than France. I do not believe that can simply be credited to our security services. I think the UK has a more successful approach to integration generally, which has in part prevented as many people from being radicalised as we have seen in France.

While we have our own social issues here that particularly affect minority communities, we have nothing like the same isolation and exclusion that is experienced by young people in the suburbs in France. Ukip’s newly announced “integration” policy has been met with the scorn it deserves. Racial discrimination, police brutality and a fixation on what Muslims choose to eat or wear all contribute to a sense that France is struggling to deal with the consequences of her colonial past . . . If the French presidential candidates really want to tackle the issue of home-grown radicalisation, they should focus on preventative measures and coherent plans for integration. Macron certainly has a better idea of what that means, but if he wins it will take a lot of work to make France match up with the inclusive, diverse image that he has painted around his campaign.’ click here