Advice to British Politicians – but will it be heeded?

From the head of the Equality & Human Right Commission, David Isaac, ‘. . . As your party prepares your manifesto for government, we recommend that you introduce specific measures to address the most pressing disadvantages affecting those groups protected by the Equality Act 2010, such as older people, disabled people and people from ethnic minorities. This will ensure your proposals deliver a Britain that really works for everyone . . . We have been in contact with all the political parties represented in the House of Commons to discuss our shared belief that while political debates should be free and open, they should not create or worsen divisions in society. We have today published a set of voluntary principles for standards in political discourse. We urge you to take the steps necessary to ensure that your candidates and campaigners abide by these principles in the forthcoming general election campaign. We also look forward to continuing our dialogue with you on this matter, with a view to asking all the parties to make a public pledge on the basis of these principles during the new Parliament.’ click here