British volunteers in IDF

David Hearst & Peter Oborne in, ‘You have to belong to something and belonging to Britain for Muslims is a thing we talk about a lot,” she [Baroness Warsi] said. “We don’t talk about it in relation to other communities. We accept that other communities hold multiple identities. Let’s just shut down this loophole. If you don’t fight for Britain, you do not fight.” Dozens of British citizens are currently volunteered to the Israeli Army (IDF) through its Mahal programme. A spokesperson for Mahal told MEE that the exact number was a state secret and referred enquiries to the Ministry of Defence . . . Warsi told MEE that she believed Israel had committed war crimes in its attack on Gaza in 2014 when she was part of David Cameron’s coalition government. More than 2,200 Gazans were killed during Operation Protective Edge and 10,000 wounded.’ click here.