Essa Moosa, South African Hero

Voice of the Cape reports, ‘After decades of fighting for equality and justice, Judge Essa Moosa gave up his own battle on Sunday as he took his last breath. The 81 year old high court judge and anti-apartheid activist died at his home in Lansdowne after a long term illness. Hundreds of people from all sectors of society paid their last respects to the man known as the “people’s lawyer”, well known for his contribution to the South African Constitution. President Jacob Zuma extended his condolences to the family and called on South Africans to pray for the judge.

As a practising lawyer spanning over a period of more than 30 years, he specialised in human rights issues. But while Judge Moosa had made a huge impact in the legal fraternity, he will also be remembered as a fearless political activist.

During the apartheid era, he challenged in court human right violations such as detention without trial, freedom of association, expression and movement, He also challenged in court security and emergency laws and regulations. He acted for a number of prominent anti-apartheid non-governmental and community-based organisations. He also represented leading anti-apartheid political and community activists who were detained without trial in terms of the security legislation and emergency regulations and those who were charged with various political offences.’ click here.