Theresa May: Eager to please!

The Prime Minister has been rightly castigated for not being forthright in criticising Trump’s ban on nationals of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen from entry to the US for 90 days. According to press reports, she may even have been informed about the country ban in advance of meeting President Trump. This deference to  US authority is in character. Some years ago, in 2012, there was much public disquiet here on the unequal terms of the US-UK extradition treaty, in particular relating to the cases of Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan  – the former having served nine years in a British prison without being charged due to lack of evidence. Under the terms of the Treaty, a US extradition request required UK compliance, notwithstanding lack of evidence that could stand up in a British court! The Home Secretary at the time was Theresa May. Her response when the two men, with others, were bundled out of the country when their final appeal to judges was rejected: “We have worked tirelessly, alongside the US authorities,  the Police and the Prison Service to put plans in place so that tonight these men could be handed over within hour’s [sic] of the court’s decision”. Quick to serve and eager to please!