Apology to Chowdhury Mueenuddin

Chowdury Mueenuddin, the community activist who has played an important role in  furthering spiritual chaplaincy work within the NHS (as Director of Muslim Care Provision from 2004 to May 2013) and providing selfless service in a host of community development projects  the last forty years – including serving as secretary of the East London Mosque Trust in the 1980s, and later vice-chair – was maligned by the BBC during a radio programme in  a reference to the Rushdie Affair. He took legal recourse to clear his name and the result is an unequivocal apology:

  “During the BBC Radio 5 live Breakfast programme on 25 August 2016, in an interview with Omer el-Hamdoon, Deputy Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain, we suggested that Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin had called for the lynching of Salman Rushdie. The BBC has been asked by Mr Mueen-Uddin to make clear, and it accepts, that while like many Muslims he found the Satanic Verses highly offensive to Muslims and their faith, at no stage did he advocate for or campaign for Mr Rushdie to be lynched or in any way harmed. The BBC apologises to Mr Mueen-Uddin for the distress and damage this statement caused him.”  click here.