Pope Francis faces his ‘Takfiri’ posse

The excellent Pope Francis under fire from his own ‘takfiris’! Not one, but two forces have him in their sights. The first is the American Cardinal Raymond Burke, who is deeply unhappy with Francis’s stand allowing divorcees who remarry to receive Communion. Burke has put a series of challenging questions to the Pope to answer, using the mechanism of dubia (‘doubts’), with the implication that the ‘Holy Father’ is teaching error or heresy. A related challenge is from the Knights of Malta – who have ‘virtually declared war on the Pope’ for interfering in their affairs’ (see Christopher Lamb’s column in The Tablet, 7 January 2017).

Salaam blogger wonders if the recent vile directed against Pope Francis has to do with his brand of liberation theology.  In his famous encyclical laudato Si, he had noted

. . . economic powers continue to justify the current global system where priority tends to be given to speculation and the pursuit of financial gain, which fail to take the context into account, let alone the effects on human dignity and the natural environment. click here

More recently, there has been trenchant criticism of capitalism:

Terrorism grows when there is no other option, and as long as the world economy has at its center the god of money and not the person. This is fundamental terrorism, against all humanity. click here

Pope Francis now faces vested interests that can be quite ruthless and he has made many enemies: his efforts to clean up the Vatican bank have upset many; rejection of predecessor Ratzinger’s disparaging assessment of Islam’s relationship with rationality; the gesture of washing a Serbian Muslim woman’s feet at a young offender’s prison.  A brave man!