Turkish PM in Baghdad

Al Jazeera reports, ‘Turkey’s Prime Minister has arrived in Erbil on the second leg of a trip to Iraq aimed at bolstering Ankara’s role in the fight against ISIL. Binali Yildirim’s meeting on Sunday with the head of Iraq’s Kurdish region Massoud Barzani follows a meeting on Saturday with his Iraqi counterpart in Baghdad aimed at overcoming differences between the two countries over Iraq’s role in the battle to take Mosul from ISIL . . . Yildirim also met on Saturday with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, with the relationship between the two governments under pressure.

At the heart of the fallout between the two was the presence of Turkish troops in Baashiqa, a town near Mosul that has served as one of the frontlines in the battle against ISIL.’ click here.

[Image: Cover of Ali Allawi’s biography of Faisal I of Iraq – recommended reading for background on the emergence of nation states in former Ottoman Arab provinces after WWI]