MEND on Casey Report

From, ‘Dame Louise’s review will be added to a long catalogue of Government commissioned reports on British Muslims which talk about them without talking to them. The Casey review gives credence to the flawed methodology of the ICM poll conducted for the C4 programme What British Muslims Really Think, which it cites at some length. One can only wonder why Dame Louise felt it necessary to rely on a debunked poll when her purpose was to engage directly with British Muslims to understand and learn what they really think. From the small number of Muslims directly cited in the report, we question the degree to which she has engaged in an open and broad dialogue at all.

This review will add more fuel to prevailing anti-Muslim stereotypes and can only be considered a dual failure for ignoring the structural inequalities which shape the concerns about spatial segregation and social mobility which she raises . . . The review notes that Muslims have the youngest media age of all faith groups in the UK. For them, and for the future, we need a more honest and less prejudiced approach to the important issues the review first set out to examine. We hope the Race Audit commissioned by the Prime Minister will bear better fruit in this regard with dedicated analyses and faith-monitoring to explore outcomes for British Muslims across policy areas’. click here.