PM in Bahrain: Money rules

Matthew Norman in the Independent, ‘ . . . Officially, [Theresa] May will be doing some light finger-wagging at the Bahrainis over human rights, one of those western fads which is as stubbornly slow to catch on in that country as elsewhere in the region . . . You don’t get to be the world’s second biggest arms exporter by being picky about who you sell arms to. The flogging of instruments of death and repression to unpleasant regimes is an old, old story retold by each generation, like a mystery play in which only the detail changes. The main detail changing here is that Brexit makes it even more tempting for the Government to condone human rights and humanitarian abuses, and easier to kid itself that the Faustian pacts with the despots of Araby are realpolitik imperatives rather than moral outrages. But that is a pretty minor detail. The selling of Britain’s soul to petrodollar tyrants goes back to a time long before football stadiums were called Emirates and the ruler of Qatar sat proudly beside the Queen in her Royal Ascot carriage.

Now, as forever in geopolitical relations, money rules. Post-Brexit, it is an even more absolute ruler than it was.’ click here.