Aleppo: Pity the Children

Janine di Giovanni in the Guardian, ‘. . . The situation on the ground is desperate. In rebel-held eastern neighbourhoods, Unicef said that children make up a third of the 300,000 trapped residents. Some of those children are burning tyres to create a makeshift “no-fly zone” so that the bombers can’t drop their payloads accurately. A Russian-backed plan to open “humanitarian corridors” only succeeded in frightening people who saw it as ethnic cleansing – a ploy “not for getting aid in, but driving people out,” said Bassma Kodmani of the Syrian opposition group HNC. Medical facilities are in tatters. There are only 34 doctors left. Physicians for Human Rights said that government forces launched deadly airstrikes against six hospitals in and around Aleppo over recent days, the worst in the region since the civil war began in 2011.’ click here