The Game of Nations

Manufacturing Opinion: The ‘Lisa’ case

From the NATO review, ‘. . . The case of Lisa dominated the headlines and impacted on German public discussion for two weeks in January 2016. The 13 year old Russian-German girl had gone missing for 30 hours and was reported by First Russian TV to have been raped by migrants. The story turned out to be fake (the German police were able to establish that she had been with a friend that night) but was intensively reported in Russian domestic and foreign media, and ended in diplomatic tensions between Germany and Russia . . . As media reports after a leak, the new German White Book for security has identified Russia as one out of the country’s main challenges. According to its authors, the Russian leadership is not only questioning the post-Cold War security order in Europe but is also using “hybrid instruments for a targeted blurring of bounderies between war and peace” and “digital communication to influence public opinion” in Germany. ‘ click here.