Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and others writing to the Guardian, ‘Too much of this [EU] debate has been monopolised by a mono-chatter of white men in suits. Understandable at one level, unacceptable at another. With black and minority ethnic people making up 16% of our population, there are no excuses for the lack of plurality of voices in the mainstream media. We have a responsibility to the next generation to say we stood up and were counted. How else can we expect them to be fearless when they face challenges? . . . We urge all our communities to vote remain on 23 June. As a gesture of hope; as a commitment to the next generation; as recognition of the honourable men and women who fought for peace across Europe’s soil; as an action to look outwards, not inwards; for the belief that fear will not win and hatred is not perpetrated in our name.’ click here.