Tower Hamlets Politics

Dave Hill in the Guardian: And so, after five years of allegations, investigations and complaints, Lutfur Rahman, the East End politician who defied the might of the Labour party that forsook him, the interventions of a Conservative secretary of state and the findings of a nine-month BBC Panorama probe to twice be elected Tower Hamlets mayor, has finally been prised out of the borough’s town hall…A point about Rahman that even some of his bitterest foes privately accept is that, by whatever means, he has captured the loyalty of a substantial section of the Tower Hamlets electorate, which, rightly or wrongly, felt that Labour stuck up for it less than he did. The majority of these are Bangladeshi Londoners, who comprise nearly one-third of Tower Hamlets’ population. Rahman, a lawyer who was born in Bangladesh and moved to London when he was a child, also appealed to fellow Muslims of different backgrounds and to a constellation of voters and activists on the left, from the Labour fringes and beyond.