Eye off the ball!

A study from RUSI reports, ‘ . . . The media, and consequently public attention, is largely focused on violent Islamist extremists; while this may reflect the broader threat, it is at odds with that from lone-actor terrorism. The research also found that right-wing extremists were responsible for substantially more fatalities. Within the dataset, including the attack by Breivik, right-wing attacks caused 260 injuries and 94 fatalities,13 while religiously-inspired attacks killed sixteen and injured 65 people. These findings have clear implications for policy-makers and practitioners; right-wing extremists represent a substantial aspect of the lone-actor threat and must not be overlooked.  However, analysis of the CLAT database suggests that intelligence machinery may currently be more finely attuned to detecting religiously inspired lone-actor terrorists by comparison to their right-wing counterparts.’ click here.