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Soul searching over Zionism

Letter to the Guardian from Roger Schafir, ‘[Chief Rabbi] Ephraim Mirvis’s latest warning (Chief rabbi says universities are tarnished by anti-Zionism, 9 May) further establishes, or is trying to further establish, that in Britain today any radical denying of the legitimacy of Israel’s existence, at least in its present location, is antisemitism. Specific criticisms of particular Israeli governments may be permitted (perhaps), but anti-Zionism equals antisemitism, period.

In 1903 the British government offered the early Zionist movement an isolated area of what is now Kenya for a national home for the Jews, a proposal that split the Zionists into opposing camps. One favoured acceptance, but the other insisted that a Jewish homeland, and future Jewish state, could only be in the historic homeland in Palestine. The second camp won, and the proposal was refused.

I am one of those who regrets that rejection. Does this make me a Jewish anti-Semite?  click here.